Health and Medical Visualisation

We help to understand and simplify Health Topics and Medicine for Professionals and Nonprofessionals

Medical Illustration

Get it right away with the right Illustrations.

Graphic Recording

Capture the moment.

Explain Videos

Animation and Sketch in Motion.

What we do:

Medical Illustration

Pictures say more than thousand words. Use Illustration to show and learn in an easy an convinient way.  You can communicate, offer information and touch the emotions. Because lots of people are „Visual Sensation Seeker“. Let us know if we can be any assistance to you.


The world is becoming more and more complex.  Its challenging to keep up with the information overload. Infographics can simplify complexity and give a great overview in a fast changing society and health system.  Is there anything you want to explain?

Explain Video

Videos and Animation are a creative way to tell your story. The possibilities are unlimited and you can catch the look by a great style fitting your needs. If pictures say more than thousand words, videos can say more than thousand pictures.

Graphic Recording

Transform words and content into pictures so you can understand and remember it better. Capture the content of any presentation, discussion and brainstorming. And bring it to life. Are you interested?

Ideation Workshop

You want to find new ideas? And get peolple to be creative and think in different ways? Maybe you need a new way of thinking. We can support you with tools like Design Thinking or others creativity methods.

Learn visualisation

Everybody can learn to draw and to paint and communicate with pictures. We help people to show and teach their messages and topics using visual communication. Want to learn more about  visualisiations?

Presentation Support

Want to make your presentation more catchy? We can support your perfomance with storylines, styles and visualisations.

Speaker and Experts

Looking for a speaker or expert to inspire people with breath taking presentations about health and medicine? Contact us.

For who we do it:


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